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Is there a need for disposable underwear?

Is disposable underwear effective?

Many people are left confused and don’t understand why people today prefer to use disposable underwear rather than making use of ordinary briefs, knickers, boxers and panties. The best thing about disposable underwear is that they are just like normal underwear. The familiar fabric feels comfortable breathable and they are so convenient.

  • For travelers;

Disposable briefs avoid the need to spend evenings washing underwear when there is no washing machine. It avoids having to wear the same old dirty smelly underwear the following day or damp underwear which didn’t dry fully. 

  • For women;

The briefs are soft, flexible and will hold sanitary pads, post birth pads with wings or towels in place making them ideal for periods or after birth bleeding. This is a pleasing alternative your favourite lingerie. 

  • For emergency purposes;

When an unforeseen disaster strikes like forgetting to take your daily underwear to the gym or having an accident. A spare pack of disposable underwear can always be kept at hand as it will discretely and conveniently fit in an emergency pocket or desk drawer. As each pair of underwear is individually wrapped they are hygienically stored until needed. 

Is disposable underwear comfortable?

Uncomfortable outer clothes are one thing you can surviving with disposable underwear is another story altogether. Fortunately, disposable underwear can be even more comfortable than regular underwear.

The following are the reasons why disposable underwear is comfortable to use;

  • Fabric Quality

Types of fabric disposable underwear are made from:

Cotton disposable underwear has the following benefits and advantages:

  1. Super soft natural stretchy cotton ensures an excellent feel and flexible fit. Cotton fibers are extremely elastic so the material effortlessly stretches to fit the wearer.
  2. Cotton briefs naturally allows your skin to breathe. Pure cotton fabric also has good moisture absorption and breathability keeping you clean and dry
  • Polypropylene (also known as PP, non-woven and paper) disposable underwear has the following benefits and advantages:
  1. Strong and extremely lightweight construction provides maximum user comfort while maintaining durability.
  2. Non-woven material remains strong when wet.

Buyers of disposable underwear should be aware that different manufacturers use different qualities of cotton and polypropylene to make their underwear.

In some cases especially with briefs that are cheap the material may prove to be uncomfortable. The underwear may itch, make crackling sounds and may chafe the skin.

  • Size and Shape

The single use underwear is comes in a variety of European sizes designed to accommodate different shapes and gives a very flattering fit. As the disposable panties are made out of extra soft fabric they are very comfortable to wear. Just as important the elastic used for the waist and leg openings is made from super flexible polyester and spandex so each of our sizes will stretch to gently caress your skin. 

  • Quality

One-time use underwear is very practical and designed with your convenience and comfort in mind. It’s designed and made to the same high standards as regualr underwear, except you don’t need to wash it. Just wear and throw! 

Can you wash disposable underwear?

Despite its name Disposable Underwear does not need to be thrown away after a single use if it is made from cotton. It can be washed and reused many many times. It can be hand washed or machine washed on a low heat. The underwear will last longer with handwashing. However, to enjoy the convenience, we suggest that you just wear and toss the underwear. As the fabric is thinner than traditional underwear, it is not as durable and traditional underwear.

Polypropylene underwear must be thrown away after being used as it cannot be washed.

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