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After Birth Maternity Underwear

What is disposable maternity underwear?

Disposable maternity underwear is a must-have right after giving birth. After a baby is delivered there is a considerable amount of bleeding, and you certainly won’t want to be wearing your favorite lingerie. Disposable maternity underwear is the best option, especially for the first few days in the hospital. It is designed for comfort, hygiene and you won't end up to with a pile of dirty washing to take home. It comes with soft latex-free elastic around the legs and waist to ensure a comfortable fit, making it even comfier that your "period pants".

What are the factors to consider when choosing postpartum disposable underwear?

  • Softness

Postpartum disposable panties should be gentle on your skin and sensitive parts as they heal after delivery, especially if you've had a Caesarean section nothing is worse than chafing against a raw surgical site. Moms who gave birth via normal delivery will also appreciate some extra softness around their sore parts.  

  •  Breathability

It's important that your post pregnancy briefs are breathable. Keeping your private area, stitches, and incision sites dry will prevent infection and promote healing.

  •  Stretchiness

Your body will change shape quickly after delivery. Postpartum disposable underwear that are flexible and conform to your shape will ensure that you are always getting the best most comfortable fit.

How long do you wear postpartum disposable underwear?      

Postpartum bleeding known as lochia is something all new Mom’s encounter. It normally lasts as long as you are in recovery from childbirth. It can last for up to six weeks and sometimes even longer. It can be quite heavy at first.


How long can a do you have to wait after having C-section delivery before you can wear regular underwear?

As with a normal delivery, you should wait until the bleeding stops. If you feel you still need support around your incision talk your doctor to see what they recommend.


Does postpartum disposable underwear help with recovery?

Postpartum disposable underwear will help with recovery. Regularly changing your underwear helps you stay clean and dry reducing the risk of infection. Changing your underwear multiple times throughout the day is really important and making One-Wear ideal post birth maternity underwear. Additionally, the added comfort from the super soft cotton will give you peace of mind.


What is the best disposable underwear for after giving birth?

One-wear Disposable Underwear for Women is a great option for disposable maternity briefs. Premium quality made from two types of fabrics that you can choose either cotton or polypropylene so it won't irritate any of your sensitive areas after giving birth, like surgical incisions or stitching. Also lightweight and with a soft elastic around the legs and waist that conforms to your form and gives great all-day comfort. You may even forget you have them on! The cotton disposable underwear is flexible as the fabric easily stretches and first your form, it is ideal for using with after-birth pads. The polypropylene fabric does not stretch but the design and elastic still makes it a comfortable and flexible fit allowing it to be worn with a maternity pad.

After all the hard work of carrying your baby for nine months your body deserves some extra loving care and attention as it gets back to its pre-pregnancy self. Wearing the right disposable maternity underwear is a first step.

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