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Why use a Suitcase Luggage Strap?

 Suitcase luggage straps have far more benefits than initially meest the eye and are a very much underrated travel accessory.

Easy Identification
Most suitcase come in black and after a long flight it's very easier to confuse your suitcase with another. Once I even emabrassingly walked out of the airport with another travellers black suitcase! Using a bright coloured suitcase luggage strap can help your suitcase stand out from afar which makes for Easy Identification. If you choose a luggage strap that has an address identification label there is one further way to identify your suitcase just in case someone has put the same coloured lugggage strap on exactly the same model of suitcase.

Luggage straps give an additional layer of protection in case some busy hands want to take a look inside the suitcase, it's far quicker and easier to go to the next suitcase with no luggage strap. Suitcase luggage straps even comen with a locking feature for an added layer of security. Some suitcases have small outside pockets or loose flaps and by looping a case strap around the suitcase you can help conceal them and protect your luggage.

Suitcase Lock or Zipper Failure
My worst nightmare is having my suitcase burst open on the airport carousel because of a lock or zipper failure after a long holiday and all my dirty laundry being put out on public display. A luggage strap can help prevent this nightmare scenario which becomes more likely as your baggage ages. Even if the lock, catch or zipper has failed you can still continue to use your suitcase with a couple of luggage straps and it prevents having to make a rushed purchase of a suitcase while on holiday.

Fastening Multiple Pieces of Luggage Together
If you have a couple of smaller cases they can be fastened together for the journey use a couple of luggage straps so that they don't get lonely. By doing this you only need to be handling one item instead of two and have fewer items to collect from the baggage carousel.

Extra Carrying Handle
If your suitcase has a broken carry handle of the position isn't very convenient suitcase luggage straps can be uses as an additional carry handle for you baggage. As the luggage straps wrap around the case you have a handle that can be accessed from a wide variety of positions and angles.

Securing Extremely Large Items
One of the great things about buying a multipack of luggage straps is that you can join them together to make a long luggage strap so they can be used to secure extremely large items. A multipack of luggage straps will use the same plastic connectors so you will be able to join them together. If you use luggage straps from different manufacturers the plastic connectors might not be exactly the same and might not fit properly and are more likely to come apart. 

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