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What you should know about luggage straps?


Checking in a suitcase always comes with a bit of anxiety - will it be there when I arrive? Will all of the contents be safe and undamaged? One way to eliminate at least part of the worry is to take an additional step after packing: Secure your suitcase with luggage straps.

What are luggage straps for?

Any frequent traveler will be aware of the value of good luggage, that is the right size and weight, easy to move and pack, and tough enough to stand up to the rigors of airline travel. Often it can take many attempts and mistakes to find the right piece of luggage for you. When you do it’s worth protecting it, securing it and making it your own. This is where luggage straps come in.

  • Easy Identification
    A luggage strap will help you locate your bags and suitcases when you’re surrounded by luggage in an airport hall. A coloured strap doesn’t have to be bright or loud, just visible and recognisable to you. Just a glance and you can be sure your luggage is still with you and close at hand. You’ll be able to spot it coming on the baggage carousel. 
  • Secure Your Luggage
    Suitcase straps usually close with a plastic push-button system but a few come with combination locks for added security, which can be either Travel Sentry certified or not. They can provide extra reassurance and a visible deterrent to thieves. If the straps are secured tightly and spanned through the handles, they’re actually not that easy to remove.
  • Prevent Accidental Opening
    Sometimes overloading, hurried packing, repacking and impact (or a combination of all of these) are too much for a suitcase zipper to take, and you’ll need an emergency means of keeping your luggage secure enough to retain the contents. A luggage strap can be a lifeline in those circumstances, and once again multiple straps or a connected cross-strap design are that bit stronger.
  • Attach Multiple Pieces Of Luggage Together
    For your own convenience it’s easier to collect one item than two or three, and if they’re not too bulky you can transfer them between cart and pick-up and drop-off points and vehicles in less time.  A good and tight luggage strap will allow you to arrange your bags creatively and conveniently to save time and energy during the transit procedure.

How to use and secure luggage straps?

Luggage straps are also known as suitcase belts. It turns out that some people are uncertain of how to use suitcase belts properly. Here’s the correct way on how to use and secure the most popular types of travel straps.

Cross-Cross (X-shaped)
  1. Start by wrapping the strap around the height of the suitcase, making sure to pull through all handles;
  2. Pull the strap through the metal triangle, so that it forms a ninety-degree angle;
  3. Continue wrapping the strap around the width of the suitcase, making sure to pull through the side handle;
  4. Before finally clipping the straps together, make sure to adjust the length of the belt so that it’s a tight fit;
  5. Secure the push-lock system and check if your strap sits tight enough. 
  1. Start by placing your suitcase vertically on its wheels;
  2. Wrap the luggage strap around the width of your suitcase, making sure to wrap it through the side handle;
  3. If you don’t have a side handle, wrap the belt around the height of the bag, by pulling it through both top handles;
  4. Before locking the strap, adjust the length of the strap so that it’s a tight fit;
  5. Lock the belt, making sure that it’s a tight fit and that the strap is pulled through a handle. 

What to look for in a luggage straps?

  • Length
    Luggage straps come in different lengths. Make sure the straps are long enough to wrap around your luggage horizontally and/or vertically.
  • Quality
    Luggage straps are supposed to hold your suitcase closed, so it should be high-quality and reliable. Check the seams of the straps for loose or unraveling threads, and missing stitches. Ensure that the lock mechanism is fastened on securely and can resists a bit of force.
  • Design
    One great use for luggage straps is to make it easier for you to identify your bag. Opt for a strap in bright colors or designs that you like to make airport check-out a breezier experience.

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