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Do TSA Approved Locks come with keys?

There are 2 main types of TSA Approved Padlocks:

  • Key padlocks
  • Combination padlocks

There are a very small number of TSA Approved Bluetooth and fingerprint padlocks but theses are not widely available and generally expensive.

Combination padlocks do not come with a key and the combination should be carefully noted down in a safe place. Storing a picture of the combination in your mobile phone is always handy

Key padlocks will usually come with a set of 2 keys which is great if you hate remembering numbers and codes. Some key padlocks are sold in sets which are referred to as being "keyed alike".  This means each key in the pack will work with every lock included. Remember to store the keys in a safe place because a lock without a key is not a handy lock! may be easily lost.

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